Root Canal Treament

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Do you have teeth bothering you? Sensitivity? Having the root canal treatment could help save your smile! Dr. Dennis Myer's main goal is to maintain the health of our patient's natural teeth. Root canal treatment is the removal of the pulp, the important tissue for development of your tooth, and replaced with materials that seal the root canal from its support structures. Having this treatment could be anywhere from one to three office visitis. If there is a considerable amount of tooth loss, a metal or plastic rod-like structure could be placed in the canal of the tooth's root for extra support, and then covered with a crown. Crowns vary on what materials are used depending on the location of the tooth in the mouth. If towards the front, the crown is made to look like your natural tooth. If the tooth is more towards the back of the mouth, they make them with anything from gold alloys to porcelain or ceramic. The possibilities seem endless. Of course the prices vary with the different types of crowns.

How long the tooth with root canal treatment lasts depends completely on the care of your teeth. Good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups are a necessity to keep the tooth healthy and from preventing any further decay. If you have any questions check out our website at or Don't hesitate to email our office or set up an appointment through our "request an appointment" link on the website!

No Dental Insurance? Not a Problem.

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At Dr. Dennis Myers' office we provide low monthly payment plans as an alternative for the patients that don't have dental insurance. With the plan comes discounted fees for our services! No Deductibles! No Waiting Periods! No Pre-Determinations! If you would like to know more information about the plans provided exclusively by Dr. Myers, check out our website at or

Click on the link below to go straight to our page about the dental plans:

Affordable Dental Coverage for You & Your Family!

What is a sealant?

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Sealants are the #1 way of preventing decay for teens and children, and also benefit adults as well. It's a plastic material that is applied on the chewing surface of the back teeth. It acts as a barrier, protecting the enamel from plaque build-up and acid. Sealants become necessary when the back teeth are developing, because of the pits and fissures that form in the chewing surfaces of the tooth. The lack of ability for a toothbrush to reach down into the pits to clean them causes build-up of plaque and food that cause decay if not taken care of. Each sealants takes only a few minutes to seal and last several years before any reapplications are needed.

Check out Dr. Dennis Myers' webiste at or to schedule an appointment. Dr. Myers checks at every regular dental appointment for need of sealants and keeps them maintained until reapplication is necessary.


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Self conscious about your smile? Bleaching is a quick and easy solution for most. Dr. Myers offers an at home bleaching treatment that is simple for anyone to use. This simple procedure includes coming into our office and getting impressions taken so that we can make the bleach trays to fit your mouth just right. Once the bleach trays are made, you will be given the trays and 3 tubes of bleach along with sensitivity gel to take home for your use. Once a day, consecutively, for 2 weeks will get you a brighter and whiter smile that you will be completely satisified with! You don't have to go to all of the work of surgical procedures to get a whiter smile.  If you are interested in a bleach treatment, call our St. Joseph, MO office: 816-232-9790 or Troy: 785-985-2555 or check out our website at

Whoopie Speaks On Her Experience With Periodontal Disease..."It Can Kill You!"

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Dr. Myers has established an excellent periodontal program that has helped many patients avoid tooth loss and maintain healthier bone levels. He offers gentle, comprehensive nonsurgical gum care and a soft-tissue program that has helped restore many smiles over the years. Dr. Myers routinely checks for peridontal disease at every 6 month check-up.

Visit our website for more information.